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I have been immensely blessed in too many ways to count and the Lord has been way too good to me but being able to capture your love, just as it is and gift you the ability to relive your life's most precious moments is one of my greatest gifts.


My heart is to dream big dreams with you, hear your heartbeat and give you my 110% effort to be everything that you need me to be as your photographer. But, above all - my dream is to be your friend, someone who encourages you, and someone who calls out the truest, most beautiful version of you. Because I have learned that it is in the moments where the fullness of who we are surfaces that the most beautiful moments are birthed.

I pinky promise to be everything you need in this season - whether that means helping you decide between color swatches or building a timeline that leaves room for you to sneak a glass of champagne in secrecy together, I'm your girl for it all and I cannot wait to celebrate you, champion you and fight for the best day of your life to never end.

You are loved and welcome here, just as you are.

I am so glad that you are here.


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I am so excited that you have found yourself here. My hope is that you leave my site encouraged & excited about the story that you were born to tell. Whether that's your love story unfolding on your wedding day or the story of you as an individual - my heart beats to give that very story a voice. 

A luxurious and natural light photographer of weddings + the madly in love, a girl with massive dreams & a heart that desires to make Jesus' name famous across the world... I am truly living my wildest dreams. When I'm not behind my lens I spend most of my time cuddled up with my husband and our dog in Colorado but, my passport is current & my bags can be packed in a second to meet you on whatever soil your story takes place. 

BUT you can call me MACE

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"Macy is a


"She listens, she adapts, she anticipates your every move, and bottom line, she is AMAZING. You need her. I will forever be grateful to have her in my life and even more now that I can call her a friend. She will always hold a special piece of my heart forever and be a special piece of our day."

The amount of gratitude and love I have for Macy is unmeasurable and couldn't even put down in words, but here I am trying to do so

you heard it here first

Macy is deeply dedicated and determined to excel at her craft. She loves love, and is gifted in extracting it and capturing it. She also sticks to deadlines, which from a business stand point I appreciate immensely. Additionally, she was a major advocate for us on our big day. Sometimes family members act as though it is their wedding day, and Macy did a great job of standing up for us and wrangling the troops, so to speak. 

If you have the opportunity to work with Macy you won’t have only booked a photographer, but also a friend that will pray for you, with you, and genuinely delight in your milestones. Love you, Macy! Thank you for your heart and passion!”

"Not only is the product UNMATCHED, but Macy is just so fun to work with."

Macy is more than a photographer, she is someone you meet that will light up your world and make you feel so so beautiful. I always dreamed about how our engagement photos would turn out, but I never in a million years believed we would be this blown away. We are still speechless over our photos, and hold them so very close to our hearts. Working with Macy as our wedding photographer has been like having a best friend to call/text/FaceTime whenever you need wedding styling advice, someone to help you pick your wedding colors, and most importantly, someone to remind you how special you are. My fiancé and I could not have hand picked a better person to be apart of our wedding process. 

You will NOT be disappointed!”


"I don't know if I will ever find the words to describe the kind of dream that Macy is."

I remember looking at my then fiancé after we first met Macy and saying “I love her, I want to be friends with her, can we please have her?” She has so much God given talent it’s unbelievable. Her heart for her work and her couples is unlike anything I’ve seen from other photographers. She has a natural way of making you feel completely at ease not only during your sessions, but throughout the entire process.

To have met someone a handful of times before our wedding day and stand at the end of our wedding night in tears with her by your side because you’re so overwhelmed with gratitude for them capturing the biggest day of your life is an experience I cannot thank Macy enough for. I’m in awe of our photos, in awe of the way she listened to our requests, in awe of her ability to respond and deliver to so many in a timely manner, and mostly in awe of her desire to glorify the Lord while doing what she loves. Macy, you have gifted us the most special memories and we love you so much for that. I hope every bride and groom have the pleasure of working with you!”

"I knew from the moment we met her I wanted her to be part of our day."

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